Different Ways To Entertain The Kids On Your Wedding Ceremony

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Everyone wants to attend their dear one’s wedding with the whole family, but they often think how to manage their kids. If you want to make your relatives as well as friends happy, relaxed and enjoy your wedding day with their children, then the best option is to arrange few entertainment programs for the children.

If you need a wedding crèche in London, then check the list of entertainment programs and material needed. They will not only help you plan the programs, but also provide quality services.

The following are few programs that entertain kids and help you to enjoy your wedding with family, relatives, and friends without any disturbance.

Entertainment programs

Magician, puppet Show or joker – You can engage a Puppeteer, clown or a magician to conduct a show. These shows will not only add a fun element to the event, but also keep the kids entertained. They can also make balloon animals, know the magic tricks etc. It is best for children between two to twelve years of age. They will pay attention to it for nearly one hour.

If you want to arrange any entertainment programs for children, wedding crèche in London offers you the best services. It offers a lot of funny as well as interesting entertainment programs for kids, which will keep them busy.

Silent scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt – Make a list of items and ask children to observe them in the marriage ceremony like colour of the bride or groom’s dress, songs sung during the ceremony, people wearing hat etc.

You can also hide toy, teddy bear or a book and ask them to detect where it is exactly hidden. This keeps them busy and their parents can participate in the rituals without any worry.

Cartoons and movies – Today a lot of venues offer space for kids to watch movies as well as cartoon programs during the ceremony. In case, your marriage venue does not provide this facility then give them this idea.

Box of activities – Make some boxes of easy toys like bubbles, vegetables, fruits, puzzles, jigsaws, board games as well as play dough. By this, the kids get attracted towards the games and enjoy it.

By incorporating these interesting programs, you can celebrate your wedding with a lot of joy. Besides, it makes your guests feel special and happy.

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